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1) Where can I find information about the bus schedules in and out of Årdal?

Answer: You find all the different bus schedules in the county of Sogn og Fjordane at Here you also find a travel planner to help you plan your trip. Fill in you travel information, and the different bus schedules and ferry schedules will come up. Please note that it is a good idea to buy tickets for the express busses online and in advance. The bus fills up quite suddenly during the summer season. Ticket information you find here.

We have also selected the most important bus schedules for you to know about in Årdal here:


2) How can I get from Øvre Årdal to Turtagrø?

Answer: This is a seasonal bus with a bus schedule going daily from 5t of July – 11th of August every year. Scheduled on Saturday/Sunday from the 17th of August - 1st of September. The departure from Hjelle in Utladalen is in the morning. You see the schedule here and at


3) Where is the nearest camping site in Årdal?

Answer: The nearest camping site in Årdal is situated in the valley of Utladalen. Utladalen Camping offer full service to caravans and motorhomes. This is the only dump station for spill water from caravans in our nearby area. More information here:


4) What options do I have for accommodation in Årdal?


Klingenberg Hotel at Årdalstangen

Sitla Hotel & Apartments in Øvre Årdal


Avdalen Gard (Farm) in Utladalen

Vetti Gard (Farm) in Utladalen

Svalheim Gard (Farm) and Utladalen Camping in Utladalen


5) Is there bike rental in Årdal?

Answer: Yes, you can rent bikes at Svalheim Gard/Utladalen camping in the valley of Utladalen. The bikes are mountain bikes with 6 gears.


2 hours:               NOK 150

Whole day:         NOK 250

More information:


6) How far is the hike to the waterfall Vettisfossen? Can I go by bike?

Answer: The hike to the Vettisfossen waterfall takes approximately 2 hours from the parking at Hjelle. The distance is: 5,5 km. You can ride a bike all the way to Vetti Gard, but from there you follow a narrow mountain path to the waterfall. Level: easy/moderate.



7) Is the old road from Sletterust to Heirsnosi/Tusenmeteren open for traffic?

Answer: Yes, but on your own risk. There has been some rockslides crossing over the road the last winter, and on days with heavy weather you have to be on alert. It is not difficult to get a cross the rockslide affected parts of the road on foot or with a bike, but it is important to inform you that you do this on your own risk. We recommend that you hike to Heirsnosi/Tusenmeteren from Øvre Årdal in stead, following the old road from the Sitla Hotel & Apartments to the top.


8) Can you recommend any hikes?

Answer: check out for different hikes and experiences in Årdal.

You can also download this small pdf that includes a map and gives you eight selected hikes to do in Årdal:


9) Where can I get something to eat in Årdal?


Øvre (Upper) Årdal:

Tya Bakeri | Kafè at Årdalsenteret (local food)

Mama Mia (restaurant)

Veekiosken (fast food)

The Summer Cafè in Utladalen Naturhus (waffels, ice cream and coffee)

The Summer Cafè at Avdal Gard

The Summer Cafè at Vetti Gard


Strondi kafe & restaurant at the Klingenberg Hotel

The Summer Cafè at Indre Ofredal «Ne`fø sjøen» 


10) Can we rent kayaks in Årdal?

Answer: You can go on guided kayaktrips with experienced guides from Bulder & Brak Adventures. Book the trip the day before.


3 hour guided kayak trip: from NOK 850

For families in a tandem kayak: NOK 1450 for one adult with one child.

More information and booking here:


11) We want to go on a guided climbing trip in Hurrungane in Jotunheimen. Where can we find guides?

Answer: You have to book these trips in advance, either by contacting the Turtagrø Hotel ( or by contacting the company Bre&Fjell (

For guided hikes in the valley of Utladalen, contact Utladalen Naturhus ( , Bulder & Brak Adventures ( and Svalheim Gard (

For guided hikes in Årdal, contact Bulder & Brak Adventures (